George Galloway presenting the Mother of All Talkshows

The Mother of All Talkshows (Moats) presented by George Galloway started on TALKSPORT in January of 2006 and ran weekly (often two nights a week) until 2012.

It ran for a time on the New York WBAI network before resuming on Talkradio in 2015. It was effectively forced off the air by the state regulator Ofcom which fined the station £75k for “lack of balance” in Galloway’s coverage of the Skripal Affair and his defence of Jeremy Corbyn over unfair persecution.

In the summer of 2019 the show launched on a global platform on FM in Washington DC on AM coast to coast across America online with SPUTNIK radio and with pictures on Twitter Facebook and Youtube.

Episode 29 alone had 1.15 million VIEWS (there are no provable figures for the listening audience). More than 10 millions have tuned in to the first 35 episodes.

It is the Open University of the airwaves, the College of Knowledge, and there are no tuition fees. Uncensored, uncompromising, unstoppable the Moats goes from strength to strength assembling a global audience which wants to hear Galloway’s distinctive (and often counter-intuitive) take on the news followed by the clash of ideas he provokes and encourages from his guests and audience alike.