• RIGHT ROYAL MESS | Prince Andrew is implicated in the Epstein affair. William and Harry have fallen out over Meghan, according to a new book. […]
  • Mother of All Talk Shows – Episode 57
  • WHAT'S BEEN DID… and what's been hid! How did Ghislaine Maxwell stay at large for so long? Whitney Webb tells all to George Galloway. #MOATS […]
  • MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER | She 'slithered away' to a gorgeous mansion. But now money-hungry Ghislaine is banged-up. George Galloway follows her treasure trail to jail. […]
  • BLOOD BOUNTY | Anonymous claims in the New York Times that Russia offered bounties for US troops killed in Afghanistan are comprehensively denied. George Galloway […]
  • LICENCE TO KILL? | The terror suspect accused of stabbing to death three people in a Reading park is a Libyan asylum seeker with a […]
  • STREET FIGHTING MEN ¬†After the violent clashes in central London, are these demonstrators patriots or Nazis? You decide. But only after listening to George Galloway […]
  • LONDON ROCKED A second day of #BlackLivesMatter protests has gripped the capital as a slave trader's statue is pulled down in Bristol. Live updates throughout […]
  • Joining us on the show today is Rachel Blevins – journalist and RT America correspondent to talk about coronavirus in the US and its impact […]